Our Mission:
“To protect our elders and give them a voice.  
consumers to e
mpower them to exercise their rights and
protections to avoid foreclosure".
About Us

I am a Reverse Mortgage Suitability and Abuse Expert and received a certificate of completion
for the HUD Reverse Mortgage Counseling Training.  My expertise is Federal Regulations and
Consumer Protections as they relate to Reverse Mortgages.

My Passion is to:

Consult with Consumers on what they need to know and do for their financial wellbeing
before getting a reverse mortgage. Consult with consumers who have been harmed by
unsuitable reverse mortgages, identify rights & options to minimize financial damage
Educate financial, legal and elder abuse communities on the suitability of reverse mortgages
for their clients.

Consult with Financial Institutions, Financial Advisors, the Legal Community, Government
Agencies and Elder Abuse Community. Educate them on reverse mortgage products, how to
assess the real risks and benefits, determine suitability, and how they may be used as a
financial tool to meet a client’s financial goals and long term strategy.

70% of consumers I work with are in the maturity or foreclosure phase are grieving the loss of
a loved one. The first time many heirs know anything about a reverse mortgage is when the
Servicer mails a "repayment" or "due and payable" letter to the Borrower and heirs just days to
a month after a borrower has passed away.

I receive calls everyday from concerned or frightened consumers who have no idea what their
rights and options are. I help navigate and communicate with the Servicer, HUD, and other
agencies as required to achieve the consumer goal.
I help consumers prevent or stop foreclosure by exercising their consumer rights.

I testified before Federal Regulators (OCC, Federal Reserve, HUD, CFPB and others)
regarding the Servicing and Foreclosure issues consumers report.  To see my public
testimony search Sandy Jolley Reverse Mortgage.

I give a free assessment of your reverse mortgage inform you of your rights and options so
that you can exercise them with the Servicer.

I have appeared on Television, Radio, and online and print media.  

Bloomberg News, AARP, Consumer Reports to name a few.
Featured on a NCOA (National Council on Aging) televised broadcast.
Featured in the full length documentary “Last Will and Embezzlement” starring Hollywood Icon
Mickey Rooney..

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